this was pretty much the first view i got when arriving in la (lets skip the airport and the traffic madness that followed it) - how can you not fall in love with this place?
we had some time to kill before picking up B from the airport so we drove to venice to check the canals and see the sunset from the beach. a bit chilly but totally worth it.
venice is not the most amazing place in la, but when the sun is setting, most shops are already closed and tourists back in their hotels, it looks very calm and beautiful.

time to talk about Jeff (not pictured here, but he ll be making an appearance in a future post), who let us stay at his place in west hollywood.
he is the nicest host ever and one of the craziest and most interesting people i ve met during this trip (and probably in life).
his house is a very good reflexion of his personality (go back to the previous post and check images #1 and #9 to have a better understanding of what im talking about), very chaotic, with a lot of identity and stories that make us laugh for hours - the fridge is full of notes from people who stayed there while couchsurfing. Jeff is always friendly, happy to get to know new people and places, ready for an adventure. he is the type of guy whose door is always open. very literally.

we had to go to the hollywood sign for a picture.
we missed it last time so now we had to make sure we crossed it off the list.
great idea! going there when the sun is setting, not such a great idea.
long story short, let me just advise you not to split from your group of friends when you have no phones, there is no light and you are probably in private property that you shouldnt be trespassing.
now i can laugh about it and we actually got some very decent pictures from that night, but lets say i thought the roadtrip was over before it even started and i felt glad we had at least made those health insurances.

now let me just drop a couple of random photos in here because, why not?